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Golden Dawn Girls

Norwegian documentary filmmaker Håvard Bustnes examines the rise of far-right nationalist party “Golden Dawn” 


The key male members of the far-right political party Golden Dawn are imprisoned accused of carrying out organized criminal activity. To maintain Golden Dawn’s position as the fifth largest political party in Greece, their daughters, wives and mothers step up to the task of leading the party through the upcoming elections. As the elections and trial unfold, the Norwegian film crew gets access to secret chambers and witness the family dynamics of one of Europe’s most notorious nationalist parties. This documentary exposes the mindset, values and personalities of the people on the front lines of modern nationalism.


This is filmmaker Håvard Bustnes’ impression of this disturbing documentary. In recent years, Greece - with its sunny beaches and friendly people has been overshadowed by political ideologies that are close to Nazism. In this documentary, Bustnes leaves the camera running, revealing not only the depraved side of this political party but also revealing an ever-widening gulf between facts and political image-making. While it’s frustrating that the women are so inflexible in their views, it illustrates how wearing blinders can derail an entire society.


Håvard Bustnes


Director Håvard Bustnes is a multi award winning director and producer. He holds a degree in Directing for Television from the College of Film and TV at Lillehammer, Norway. His new film Golden Dawn Girls premiered in the IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary in November 2017. Earlier films includes Two Raging Grannies, Health Factory and Big John that have traveled around the world on cinema, TV and in the festival circuit. The feature documentary «Big John» won the prestigious national Academy Awards Amanda as best theatrical documentary film. It was also awarded the Best Nordic Documentary Prize at Nordic Panorama. His films have been broadcast on ZDF (Germany), Arte (France), FR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), VPRO (Netherland), Chanel 8 (Israel), ORF (Austria), SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland), TV4 (Ireland), TVP (Poland), Aljazeera Documentary Chanel (Qatar) and NHK (Japan). His films has been selected to more than 70 festivals all over the world, and two of his films had theatrical release in Norway, Denmark, Taiwan and South Korea.


Year of completion: 2017

Length: 94 min + 58 min TV edit

Directed by: Håvard Bustnes

Produced by: Håvard Bustnes and Christian Falch for UpNorth Film

Co-produced by: Jesper Jack for House Of Real (DK) and Liisa Karpo for Napafilms (FIN)

Executive producer: Nick Broomfield

Cinematography: Viggo Knudsen and Lars Skree

Editing: Anders Teigen

Composer: Jonas Colstrup

Sound design: Håkon Lammetun

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World sales: Kim Christiansen, DR International Sales

+45 35 203040

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